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With Omplant LTD: Dental implant procedures just got better!

Welcome to a new era in dental implant care with the Prostorquer, a revolutionary new universal prosthetics parts driver and organizing system that can save up to 70% off chair-time by upgrading efficiency, safety and convenience during dental implant procedures.


The Prostorquer has been designed with the dental implant professional in mind:

  • Quick, secure closure using optimum torque – that’s never too loose or too tight
  • Reduces time-consuming hand screwing for opening or closure by up to 70%
  • All-inclusive system promotes smooth, convenient work flow, with no fallen or lost parts


In addition, the Prostorquer‘s light weight, ergonomic design and economic work flow system, reduces stress for both dental implant practitioners and their patients:

  • Single hand operation – no cumbersome handling of healing caps or abutments as with hand drivers
  • Fewer side-to-side body movements needed so eyes stay focused on the patient
  • Innovative cordless latch-head driver – an exclusive Prostorquer design feature
  • Batteries last up to 1 year – no charging needed 








The company brings together a unique expertise, acquired from historical experience gained in the manufacture of specialized, technically complex, miniaturized, ultra-high precision components, and combines it with a contemporary dynamic. As a result, ETGAR medical implant systems offers an enormous spectrum of sophisticated, yet cost-effective implant solutions, unmatched in the marketplace.


  • The products are engineered to uncompromising levels of quality in design and manufacture
  • The quality assurance systems ensure that the finest materials are specified, satisfying all medical stipulations ranging from bio-integration, versatility and durability
  • Unrivalled sales and support packages provide one of the most comprehensive services available to the surgeon